Be The Change

Albert Einstein once said ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’.

This is a little piece to tell you about a small but major change to The Grassroots Gazette Brand. We feel this change and evolution of our brand embodies who we are and what we stand for. It embodies what we will do and achieve but also why people, brands or businesses will partner with us.

We have officially changed our Tagline/Motto from Independent Equine Media to “Be The Change”.

We talk a lot about creating impactful change and giving a platform to the grassroots community to talk about what matters most to them. When we look at the management team we have, they all want to change, transform and improve the equine industry. They want to “Be The Change”.

Brendan Murphy – Chief Equine Strategist for The Grassroots Gazette – “Be The Change is encouraging people to be part of the changes they want to see in the equine industry. Seeing the results across the last 12 months and seeing how the community has come together to create change, there is no doubt about it. This is a fitting motto for the future of our community as we move forward”.

The amazing leaders in our sister brand Equitas and the wonderful team in our Advisory Group. They are powerhouses. They have taken it upon themselves to lead The Equitas Generation and to “Be The Change” for female equestrians across the world.

Gary Monahan Grassroots Community Manager and Podcast Lead – “For modern media we should all look to “Be The Change”. We have a responsibility to our community, to the grassroots movement and to the equine industry to “Be the Change” the industry needs and to empower our community to join us.

When we look at the young Rising Stars in our Writer Groups that are now part of our Advisory Group for The Next Generation, they want to “Be The Change” for young people across the industry. They want to create a platform and community where young people are heard and have a voice.

Sarah Darker Head of Media at The Grassroots Gazette – “With the Grassroots Gazette, we really focus on empowering our community and working collaboratively to advocate for and improve our industry. As a part of this, we have a unique opportunity to “Be The Change” within our industry. We are so proud to have built a community that embodies this and we are excited to see it grow in the coming months and years.”

The final piece of the jigsaw was the current campaign we are collaborating on with Shane Rooney – The HAY Campaign. Shane contacted us on December 27th, he has openly discussed his own mental health journey across the last 12 Months. But something was different on that call, it wasn’t about him. He wanted change in the industry, he wanted something bigger… Shane Rooney wanted to “Be The Change” and now the incredibly positive How Are Ya Mental Health Campaign for Equestrians is Flying it.

Aoife Brady Grassroots Gazette Project Manager – “An effective leadership team can only work and deliver at its best when the community it stands for collaborates on a shared vision; to educate, encourage and enthuse everyone to improve the equine industry for the benefit of the future”.

Be The Change embodies who we are. It embodies the mantra we want to instill into our Team, our Writers, our Community and right across The Grassroots Movement!!

Why are we doing this? From Shane McCarthy, our CEO.

If you want to “Be The Change” join The Grassroots Movement and lets change the equine industry for the better, for the future and for The Next Generation.


Be The Change

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