My journey with Equisolv by Sarah Campbell aka @theordinaryequestrian

When I first heard about Equisolv I was so enthusiastic to get involved when I heard the rave reviews from anyone else who had used their products previously. It seemed too good to be true to be honest, but ever the optimist I wanted to put it to a real test with some of my horses. 

Then I saw that they had a calm aid supplement, and I had a mare Aileen, or alien as she is affectionately called when she has her moments, who was in dire need of some calmness in her life. 

Equisolv Calm Aid

In the past I have used multiple calmers to zero benefit. 

Aileen my mare, is a 7-year-old tb. She is extremely cautious naturally, if she was a person, she would be like me, a worrier and an introvert. In so many ways she is a wonderful mare, fabulous mover, well put together, a beautiful mare and she has such a kind eye. However, at times she has scared me and has these moments of sheer panic and explodes as I call it. There is nothing wrong with her flight or fight response, anyway, let’s just put it that way. But Aileen would be way fonder of the flight response when faced with the smallest of threats. i.e the cat or worse again, her nemesis, a stray leaf! The audacity of a leaf to cross her path and inflict sheer panic on her brain. 

Not ideal. 

So, enter Equisolv and Calm Aid. I do not know how to put into words the change in my mare, she is the same Aileen but just a pleasant Aileen. It is like her confidence has grown, and she feels safe in her own skin again. I do not hear her pawing the ground and snorting around the field like a dragon when she sees a sheep anymore. Leaves and other flora can once again be free to travel how they wish, crossing her path and not causing havoc in my life. 

She was always an affectionate mare, and now I can enjoy her affection without having to worry about her having an explosion because a cat walked past. She still notices the cat; she just looks now rather than explodes. It is like her reactions have become more controlled and I am loving having her around the place. 

Since the calm aid is helping her, I can now do more groundwork with her and she is responding so well to both. The combination of groundwork alongside the Equisolv calm aid seems to be doing the trick and I can see a notable change.

I would not be without the calm aid now. And I would 100 percent recommend it to anyone whose horse needs to be more confident in their daily life, more tuned into their surroundings and to focus on the job at hand, as that is what I have seen firsthand with Aileen, and who knows I might even retire her nick name alien now as a result. 

I’m not going to say it’s a miracle supplement, but what is that saying, oh yeah, “ If Carlsberg did supplements”, yeah you know the rest.

You can visit the Equisolv Website here:

Use CODE: Gazette25 to get 25% off your order!!


My journey with Equisolv by Sarah Campbell aka @theordinaryequestrian

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