Press Release for Equitas Launch

Title: Equitas is focused on Empowering Change, Together.

Subject: A power shift in the equine industry.

A new media brand and online magazine for women of all ages throughout the equine industry

is Launching July 1st and presented by The Grassroots Gazette. This is a first of its kind and we

hope Equitas will change the narrative for females all across the world. Equitas stands for

Justice, Fairness and Equity for all! We want to create a safe and encouraging space for all

women to grow together across the industry and further. This monthly publication will educate,

motivate and inspire women to share their passion with a greater audience.

This industry magazine, produced by women for women, aims to place women at the forefront

of what goes on in their field; with a clear focus on highlighting women who are changing lives,

breaking down barriers and making it happen! Together we can all be stronger and together we

can change the way the world sees women. We will use Equitas to launch a global movement

for women all around the world.

You can sign up for FREE to Equitas by visiting

Equitas is designed to extend equity to all, boost confidence in the industry, highlight women’s

achievements and support female leadership right across the equine industry — and beyond.

Our mission is to create an engaged community of women supporting women, who will

contribute great stories about their experiences and inspire other women. Equitas is FREE for

all Subscribers for the first 6 months from when we launch!!


The Grassroots Gazette is Ireland’s fastest growing Equine Media Brand run by Mike O’Flynn

and Shane McCarthy with over 20,000 Subscribers to their Online Bi-Weekly Magazine.

Launched On December 2nd 2021, we rapidly hit 5,000 Subscribers and over 50 grassroots

community writers. With over 75% of our writers being female, we were consistently hearing

about the issues they face and we decided we needed to do something impactful and create

real impactful change. Equitas was born!!


Press Release for Equitas Launch

Subscribe to Equitas and join a positive movement for women!

As Equitas is being released through The Grassroots Gazette initally, by subscribing to Equitas you will also be subscribing to The Grassroots Gazette. Your subscription is 100% Free for our first 6 months, No credit card details required.