The equestrian community has been changed forever

Since launching, the Grassroot Gazette has broken down barriers and opened so many doors within the equestrian community. Things have been changed for the better thanks to the wonderful platform the Grassroots Gazette has offered and the brilliant writers that utilise it. 

I have seen the equestrian community change drastically over the years and I feel the Grassroots Gazette has accelerated that change in numerous ways.

Sharing the highs and lows:

Most equestrian media platforms are packed with success stories with pages and pages of show results and pictures of winners. A lot of people within the equestrian community are only willing to share the positives. The Grassroots Gazette has created a place for equestrians to share stories of the real-life highs and lows of the sport. The articles on the struggles of equestrian life have offered much needed comfort to those going through similar situations.

An insight into others’ personal lives:

We are more than just equestrians. Our lives are far more complicated and our personal lives affect our equestrian lives. The Grassroots Gazette has brought into focus the full-time workers balancing owning a horse while working, the women coming back to riding after having babies and the disabled riders managing their disabilities and continuing riding.


The Grassroots Gazette live streams offer the opportunity to link with other equestrians you may never have met in person. With guests from various countries and backgrounds, it’s a fantastic chance to ask other equestrians questions and hear other people’s opinions. There aren’t many platforms that can offer the opportunity to ask top riders or experts direct questions. Livestreams have bridged the gap between equestrians from different backgrounds.


The Grassroots Gazette has had some very informative articles from phenomenal coaches. These articles are a huge advantage to the equestrian community. They have helped riders to understand various topics and get a feel for different coaching styles. The methods of coaching within equestrian sports has changed drastically over the years and it is hugely important for riders to see that the days of being shouted at by coaches and fighting with horses are over.

Product reviews:

When I first started showing, there was an element of secrecy to the products others were using to get their ponies show-ready. Everyone seemed afraid that if anyone else knew what they were using they might lose out on a rosette. This meant I spent a huge amount of time figuring out what works. The same goes for many other areas of the equestrian industry. People act as gatekeepers to products in a bid to keep others down. The Grassroots Gazette has created a platform for product reviewers to share their thoughts on various products. 

There have been some brilliant insights into a wide range of products over the course of the magazine and I’m sure this will grow on the new platform. Having hundreds of product reviews at our fingertips is a huge benefit to both horse and rider.

These are just a selection of the ways in which the Grassroots Gazette has remodelled the equestrian community. The magazine has already offered so much and I have no doubt the Grassroots Gazette will flourish and grow even more with the new platform. The equestrian community has been changed forever thanks to the Grassroots Gazette and its writers.


The equestrian community has been changed forever

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