Equitas stands for Justice, Fairness and Equity. 

I feel happy, content, motivated and truly inspired by Equitas. I feel incredibly proud to be able to look at my mam Grace, my sisters Aimee and Michelle, my partner Marie and all my closest female friends along with the powerhouse women we have writing for the grassroots gazette and of course, our co-founder Sarah Campbell and Sarah Elebert because we are doing something meaningful to support women and because we are about to launch a media brand and platform that could transform the equine industry as we know it for generations to come.

I mean, what better legacy to leave than to know you left the world in a better place than when you entered it!! I am doing this because I care. I am doing this because the time for change is here!! I am doing this because I was brought up right with values and respect… to have empathy and to be understanding, to help where you can, to support others and believe anything is possible if you work hard enough and smart enough.

What we are creating is magical but so real… we are creating a safe space to write for women, a way to connect, a route to building tribes of women globally supporting women and creating a movement that will focus on Empowering Change, Together!!

Women cover a huge percentage of the equine community, yet most of the decision makers are men. Women are the backbone of the equine community, yet they don’t get the same coverage as us, their male counterparts. That is all about to change and I am happy to be playing a little but hopefully incredibly impactful role in creating this change.

One of the key points we want to get across is… this is not about hating men… I am a guy!! This is about Justice, Fairness and Equity. Men have nothing to do with it. The fact I have to say this shows the challenges we will face, but we are a positive force, not a destructive one. That type of behaviour is what we are trying to move on from.

We are focusing on creating a movement of women supporting women and creating Equitas tribes around the equine world who support each other, build each other up and have each other’s back. 

A positive global movement for women in the equine industry that will start here in Ireland through our online magazine. What a journey this will be and what a story we will be able to tell the next generation. The possibilities are limitless and our belief in Equitas is unwavering!!

We are very excited to announce that we are launching the first ever Edition of Equitas on July 1st!! This is the first step in creating #TheEquitasGeneration.

Would you like to write for the First ever Edition of Equitas? 

As we move forward, we are excited to launch the first ever edition. We are looking for 15-20 Inspiring, Educational, Thought-Provoking or Empathetic Articles that are statement pieces for an Edition that will go down in History and be talked about for years to come. The writers in Edition 1 will always be remembered as the women who wrote in the first ever Edition of Equitas.

You can submit your piece to – 

The Co-Founders and our talented Advisory Group will review all pieces submitted. We are looking for statement pieces that set the bar as high as possible for what is to come from Equitas. The first Edition will have 20-25 Articles, it is about quality starting out, not quantity.



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