Community Member in Focus: Amy Smyth

Meet Amy Smyth, whose recent performance at the EI Rosanna 3 event has marked a significant milestone for her and her horse. Riding Lisross Irish Knight, also known as Mylo, Amy’s journey through the competition was marked by joy, challenges, and a strong bond with her horse. Here, we dive into her experiences, preparation, and future aspirations.

Competing at EI Rosanna 3

Competing at a large event like EI Rosanna 3 was an incredible experience for Amy. “It’s always great fun when riding Lisross Irish Knight (Mylo), no matter how big or small the competition,” Amy shared. The day was filled with anticipation and excitement as Amy and Mylo took on the challenge. Amy felt a mix of emotions, especially as they completed their rounds and realised they were in contention for a top placement. “I was very pleased with our dressage test and felt confident as we went down the centre line and did our halt/salute,” she recalled. Showjumping was another highlight, with Amy knowing they would perform well and enjoy themselves as this was their strongest discipline.

Key Moments and Emotions

One of the standout moments for Amy was galloping across the finish line during the cross-country phase, knowing they had jumped clear and finished under the time allowed. “Looking down at my stopwatch to see we came in under the time allowed was incredible,” Amy recounted. The thrill of placing second was a significant achievement, especially after their third-place finish just two weeks prior. “Joy! It’s our highest placing yet in Eventing Ireland,” Amy exclaimed, reflecting on the moment she found out they had secured second place while driving home.

The emotional journey through the competition was significant for Amy. Completing her rounds with Mylo, she experienced a mix of pride and relief. “I couldn’t believe how quickly we completed the course,” she said. The sense of accomplishment was profound, especially when she saw their final placement. Celebrating their success, Amy opened a bottle of champagne upon returning to the yard to celebrate!

Photo Credits: Smyth’s Photography

Preparation and Success

Preparation was key to Amy and Mylo’s success at EI Rosanna 3. Amy focused on incorporating feedback from their last dressage competition and improving their performance. Their training regimen included polework, hillwork, and interval training to boost Mylo’s fitness, complemented by Amy’s own fitness routine with Transform Ireland. “This meant we were physically ready for the demands of the event,” Amy explained. The hard work paid off, with Amy expressing satisfaction with their overall performance.

Amy and Mylo’s preparation involved focusing on both their physical and mental readiness. “With Mylo, the main focus was taking on board the feedback from our last dressage competition and aiming to improve on that. Also incorporated polework, hillwork & interval training to increase his fitness,” Amy detailed. This multifaceted training ensured they were both in peak condition for the competition.

Reflecting on their performance, Amy highlighted the importance of continuous improvement. “Overall I am very happy with how the event went for Mylo & I. While I wouldn’t change anything regarding how the day went for us, I have my feedback from dressage and aim to improve on that for our next outing,” she noted. This dedication to learning and growing is a testament to Amy’s commitment to the sport.

A Bond Built on Trust

Mylo’s fantastic temperament and attitude make him a pleasure to work with, and his eagerness to please has strengthened their partnership. Amy described their relationship as one built on mutual respect and understanding. “It’s a partnership built on trust and him being spoiled rotten!” she joked. Mylo’s willingness to perform and his positive attitude have made their journey enjoyable and successful. “Mylo has a fantastic temperament and attitude to work with, which has made everything very easy,” Amy elaborated. Their bond is evident in their seamless performances and shared enthusiasm for the sport. “Mylo is one of a kind, and I couldn’t ask for a better pony.”

Photo Credits: Smyth’s Photography

Future Goals and Advice

Amy’s future plans are ambitious yet grounded in her love for the sport and her partnership with Mylo. Inspired by their recent successes, Amy plans to move Mylo up a level in eventing. “We need one more MER at the level we are at to qualify for the National Championships,” she mentioned. Looking ahead, Amy is excited about their future competitions and the continued growth of their partnership. This forward-thinking approach will surely help Amy and Mylo continue to challenge themselves and grow in their journey and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

For aspiring eventers, Amy’s advice is both practical and encouraging. “Go for it! Everyone is very welcoming within the eventing community I have found. Don’t be afraid to ask questions/for help. It’s only my second year competing in Eventing Ireland so I’m still learning,” she advised. Amy also recommended Flexi Eventing in the Meadows as a great way to prepare for the year ahead, and acknowledged the support and information provided by Dora Beacom in the Northern Region.

Message to the Equestrian Community

Amy’s message to the wider equestrian community is simple yet profound: “Treat others how you want to be treated, whether that’s in person or on horseback.” This ethos has guided her interactions and fostered a supportive environment within the equine community.

Her experiences at EI Rosanna 3 highlight the joys and challenges of eventing and the importance of preparation and partnership. As she looks ahead to future competitions, Amy’s story continues to inspire and encourage others within the equestrian community. Her message of treating others with kindness and respect resonates deeply, reflecting the values that make the equestrian world a supportive and welcoming place.

Follow Amy’s journey on social media (@a_smyth) to stay updated on their latest achievements and adventures and we will be posting updates through the Community Members in Focus Series on the Grassroots Gazette socials.


Community Member in Focus: Amy Smyth

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