Dodgy dealer or bad buyer ?! 🤔

It’s up to you!

I can hear a lot of people already screaming “dodgy dealer” 😆. But hear me out on this one as I’ve seen both sides of the coin. 

So I think we will start with the ” dodgy dealers” as they’ve been branded. 

What exactly is a dodgy dealer? Well, from what I’ve heard people say about them is they do not tell you the whole truth.  They will sell you a horse that is not what they say it is. Lie about the age of a horse, what experience it has or how it’s been treated. What height it can jump,  whether or not it’s been clipped, or travels well or been to shows and training venues. A lot of these words cannot be proven unless videos or photos have been produced to prove 

otherwise . And could have those videos been taken on a “good day”. Where no mistakes have been shown. As happens with any horse, as horses have to learn too. As we all like to show the good and not the bad sides to a horse. But isn’t it in the interest  of the dealer to tell the truth for their own reputation,  for the horse to get the home that is needed and suited to his lifestyle,  age , health conditions. I would like to think so. If selling horses is the dealers bread and butter why would they try to fool you so much as to get a bad name and not be Able to feed their own family. Aren’t they producing something that is wanted in the equine industry,  trading, schooling , passing on horses to their next home and  sometimes forever home. To put horse and human together to find the right match,  one that can be the biggest love in the family home. 

Horses have been part of Irish culture for centuries and great horses at that. So many exported to do well in other countries and have progeny abroad. And some found that niche and made money from it. As people do. 

Some dealers might tell a little white lie and age a horse a year up or down to suit a deal. Some may say it’s been to an extra event than it has. Some dealers can ride a whole lot better than a customer and say a horse enjoys himself , but no badness in him, or can have a play. To the dealer it’s just a play but to a buyer it’s a very scary plunge or buck.. depends on the buyer’s experience. 

I’ve also experienced people selling horses and they tell nothing but the whole truth. For their own piece of mind that nothing can come back on them. Or can it? Read on to the next part and you’ll find out. 

Shall we talk about the bad buyer? I hear you say ‘ there is no such thing’. Well I’ve heard of people getting on motorbikes and saying ” I can drive that” . And crash meters down the road because they used to ride a bicycle when they were younger. Ego got in the way there. It’s not that easy. 

When it comes to horses you have to weigh up your options and realize that the big foreign bred jumping horse might not be the one for you after you’ve had a few years away from riding that one in a million connemara pony that did everything for you.. 

When people go to said dealer , do they ask the right questions, are they honest with themselves.  Do they really know their own ability,  do they have enough time to spend with this new young horse? Did they give it enough time to settle in? Do they know it’s routine? Have they got enough of a trial with this new horse? What is the horse’s history? Does the saddle fit? Are they riding it in the right way? Are you feeding it too much, not enough? Is it being left in the stable too long, away from its pals. So many things to consider when you bring that new horse back to your yard to ride it. 

I’ve seen some people try to take a horse back to a dealer after 1 year of having the horse. After they ruined it and blamed the dealer for selling them a “bad horse” when it was the buyer that gave it bad habits when it landed in the yard. I’ve also seen a dealer sell an unhealthy horse to a kind owner for ridiculous money and give the owner nothing but vets bills. 

So I will leave the rest up to you. What way do you see it?? 👀 



Dodgy dealer or bad buyer ?! 🤔

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