Elite Equestrians – are ever rising costs going to push the amateur owners out of the game?

Price hikes are almost a daily occurrence these days – it’s all we hear or read about and indeed FEEL as Irish Citizens, but more concerningly – something else I am reading about more and more are posts from concerned horse owners who are being priced out of the market due to rocketing horse ownership costs.

I have just read a post on Facebook from a very concerned horse owner who is at crisis point because her livery costs have increased for the third time this year – bearing in mind we are in May…she is at rock bottom because she simply cannot afford it and feels her only option is to sell up her horse and get out of equestrianism. The comments – were fascinating – from fellow horse owners, who are also feeling the pinch – some stating how they have given up competing due to the rising costs of entries, fuel prices and overall what was once an enjoyable day out competing, is now the equivalent of a weeks pay. 

On the flip side though, I was also fascinated by the livery yard owners who commented – putting into perspective how they are helpless in preventing upping the livery prices – taking into account things that often, we as liveries don’t even give thought to – electricity, water and the one a lot of us forget about – insurance!!  

Whilst being a livery and horse owner is costly – it really appears that these yard owners – are only barely breaking even.. and that’s not taking into account the things they do above and beyond being the yard owner… the late night checks, the repairs carried out on broken fencing and so on, the sourcing bedding and feed, out of hour calls and texts from their liveries and prospective clients. It is in fact, quite honestly – worrying!

Are we – as a modern day society reverting back to the days when owning horses was for the elite? 

Will the terms like “Polo is the Sport of Kings” actually ring true?

And more worrying – what will happen to these horses when people have no alternative but to sell up – or surrender these animals to what are already grossly over populated rescue centers who are bursting at the seams? 

Dwindling entry numbers will of course ‌affect shows and their ability to run – we are already seeing a number of shows being cancelled due to low entries – so it’s a vicious circle that will indeed come full circle in time…..

In a time, where costs of living shows no sign of slowing down – this worry must be something that all horse owners, both on livery and home boarding – as well as livery owners, is becoming a harsh and frightening reality for.

In a situation that we have no control, or input in – are you worried for your horses future?


Elite Equestrians – are ever rising costs going to push the amateur owners out of the game?

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