Irish Pony Team Soar to Victory with Nations Cup Win in Hagen – Part 2

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, the Irish Pony Team emerged victorious at the FEI Nations Cup competition in Hagen, Germany. This prestigious event brought together some of the best young riders in the world, and the Irish team, led by coach Gary Marshall, delivered an outstanding performance that secured them the gold medal. This victory is not only a testament to their talent and hard work but also to the unwavering support from their families and trainers.

Congratulations to Gary Marshall’s team: Senan Reape, Ruben Foley, Lily Tunney, and James Derwin.

Senan Reape: Focus and Hard Work

Senan Reape shared his joy, saying, “I’m very happy with the win. It’s a great show and lucky for the Irish.” He thanked those who supported him: “Thanks to Gud Gut and Voltaire. Thank you to my Dad for training me, to my family for their help and support, and to Gary Marshall for giving me the opportunities to compete at these shows. Never give up. Stay focused and work hard.”

Senan’s success shows the importance of staying committed to one’s goals and appreciating the support from family and trainers.

James Derwin: Striving for Excellence

James Derwin expressed his happiness and determination: “I feel very happy to have won the Nations Cup. I wasn’t too nervous going in, but I still really wanted to win it, so I knew I would have to jump clear.” He acknowledged the support he received: “I want to thank my mam and dad for getting me there, Denis Flannelly for giving me some coaching, and also Gary Marshall for giving me the chance to go to the show.”

James’s message to young riders is powerful: “Work hard on your goals and always try to improve yourself.” His commitment to getting better is an inspiration to young riders.

Lily Tunney: Trust and Partnership

Lily Tunney was delighted with the win: “I am so happy with the win in Hagen. I am delighted with how well my pony Fireman jumped.” Her confidence in her pony is evident as she states, “I didn’t really get nervous, I trust my pony.”

Lily thanked her parents and her trainer: “I would like to thank my parents for training me and for everything that they do, and to Gary Marshall for giving me the opportunity to compete at these shows.”

Lily emphasises the importance of working hard and building a strong partnership with your pony.

Ruben Foley: A Dream Realised

Ruben Foley celebrated his first Nations Cup win with enthusiasm: “So delighted to win my first Nations Cup at Hagen. I’m delighted with how well my pony Cracher performed. He got better and better over the days.” Ruben thanked his family and trainers: “I’d like to thank my mam and dad for everything. I’d also like to thank my brother Jason, who is also my trainer—I’m so lucky to have him.”

Ruben also acknowledged the role of good care in his pony’s performance: “A huge thank you to Connolly’s Red Mills for keeping Cracher in top form with their supplements and feeds, also Jason Higgins for all his help, and a big thanks to Gary Marshall for giving me this opportunity!”

Rubens success shows how teamwork, trust and support contribute hugely to winning and competing at this level.

A Team Effort

The victory of the Irish Pony Team at Hagen shows the value of teamwork, dedication, and support. Each rider’s success is due to their hard work and the backing of their families and trainers. Their win is not just for Irish equestrian sports but an inspiration to all young riders.

This achievement shows how staying focused and working hard can lead to great success. As Senan Reape puts it, “Never give up. Stay focused and work hard.” These principles, echoed by his teammates, are a guide for aspiring athletes everywhere.

The Irish Pony Team’s success at Hagen is a story of dedication, trust, and the pursuit of their dreams. We hope their victory will inspire many more to follow their goals with the same effort and determination.


Irish Pony Team Soar to Victory with Nations Cup Win in Hagen – Part 2

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