Join the Excitement: Vote Now in The Grassroots Rider Academy Season 1

The Equestrian World Awaits Your Verdict! The equestrian community is buzzing with anticipation as The Grassroots Rider Academy, the groundbreaking series that has captivated over 750,000 viewers across its first three episodes, opens its doors for public voting. With an 8-part series unfolding the passion, skill, and dedication of both riders and horses, it’s your time to have a say in this exhilarating journey.

Episode 4 Marks the Beginning of Your Journey as a Judge

As we gallop past Episode 4, the power shifts into your hands. Now, you can cast your vote for your favourite horse, the most inspiring rider, or the duo that embodies the perfect combination of grace and strength. It’s not just a vote; it’s a celebration of talent, a nod to perseverance, and an acknowledgment of the incredible bond between a rider and their horse.

How to Vote? Your Opinion Counts! Voting is just a click away. 

Head over to and find the prominent “The Grassroots Rider Academy” button. A simple click will not only take you to the voting page but also immerse you in a world where every vote shapes the future of these aspiring equestrians.

Why Your Vote Matters:

Each vote is a testament to the journey of these riders and horses. It’s a recognition of their early mornings, late nights, and the unspoken conversation between a rider and their horse. Your vote doesn’t just count; it speaks volumes. It encourages, motivates, and pushes these athletes to strive for excellence.

The Journey So Far: A Recap of Episodes 1-4:

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the journey so far. From the initial nerves of Episode 1 to the exhilarating challenges of Episode 4, each moment has been a display of determination and skill. Remember the first time a rider perfectly synced with their horse? Or the moment when an underdog rose to the challenge? These are the moments you’re voting on – the moments that define the spirit of The Grassroots Rider Academy.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next in the Series:

As we look forward to the remaining episodes, remember, your involvement doesn’t end with a single vote. After each episode, up until 24 hours post-Episode 7, your voice can be heard. This series is not just about showcasing talent; it’s about engaging with a community that shares a love for equestrian excellence.

The Impact of Your Vote:

Imagine the pride and joy your vote can bring to a rider or a horse who has given their all. Picture the smiles, the tears of happiness, and the overwhelming gratitude. Your vote is more than a preference; it’s a beacon of support and appreciation for the hard work and dedication showcased in every episode.

Be Part of the Story:

As we continue this thrilling ride, remember, you’re not just a spectator; you’re a crucial part of this journey. Your vote shapes the narrative, influences dreams, and crowns the unsung heroes of The Grassroots Rider Academy. 

So, saddle up, head to, and cast your vote. Let’s make history together in this celebration of equestrian talent!


Join the Excitement: Vote Now in The Grassroots Rider Academy Season 1

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