Mullingar International: Showcasing Showjumping’s Finest

The Mullingar International Show has once again proven why it stands as a cornerstone of the showjumping calendar. Over the weekend, the event saw over 1,000 horses competing daily, showcasing the incredible showjumping talent we have and the incredible investment and dedication by Robert Fagan, Sarah Jane, and the entire Fagan family into this hugely impressive show. We missed it last year so we were really buzzing to finally get the chance to go and it did not disappoint. It was electric.

Exceptional Arenas and Facilities

“The quality of the arenas and surfaces at Mullingar is second to none“. The surfaces commented on by so many in interviews we did over the weekend are meticulously maintained throughout the show, providing prime conditions for both horses and riders. These top-tier facilities are a testament to the Fagans’ commitment to excellence, ensuring every competitor has the best possible environment to compete.

The showgrounds themselves are a blend of functionality and but looking through the open window in the restaurant as you enjoy food, an ice cream or a drink as the sun beats down and everyone is smiling it is hard to ignore the beauty of Mullingar Equestrian too…

The venue offers space for warm-ups which is policed incredible well over the microphones and was all weekend long, a lot of stabling, and great spectator viewing. The well-designed layout makes it easy for attendees to move between events, ensuring they don’t miss a moment of the action and making it easy for teams like ours to shoot content there.

Nurturing Future Talent

It is fair to say the Mullingar International Show is an incredible showcase for the next generation of showjumping talent, offering young riders the invaluable experience of competing in an international setting right here at home. With categories spanning various ages and experience levels, the event ensures that all grades of riders and horses are catered for. The presence of promising young athletes ensures that the future of Irish showjumping remains bright.

There has been some Stellar Performances Over the Weekend.

We’d need to do a full series of articles to showcase all the winners across the weekend such is the size of the event. Maybe we will next year… It is a huge event with over 1,000 horses a day competing but there was some stellar performances. Below you’ll find a few standout ones.

Friday saw some thrilling performances with Rhys Williams aboard Cowboy Balou winning the Mullingar International 1.40 Speed class. Sven Joseph Hadley on Topspin also delivered a brilliant ride, securing victory in the Mullingar International 1.20 Speed class.

Competitors across the weekend continued to impress, with Ellie Sheane and Newhaven Cooley winning the 128 1m Masters Final, leaving the crowd in awe. Catherine Keogh triumphed in the Amateur Championship with a composed and accomplished performance. Cian Byrne and China Man won the 1.10 Derravarra Championship, demonstrating remarkable synergy and precision.

Chloe Fenton on Slieverushen Oscar took the 1.15 Pony Masters Speed Class, with Lucy McCarthy on Gorm finishing second. Niamh O’Connor Barry and Grennanstown Silver Service shone in the 5YO Young Horse Masters Final.

A big highlight of Saturday was Jessica Burke & African Affair’s victory in the 1.45 National Science Park Longines Ranking Class, defeating Patrick Hickey and Casago II with a masterful display of skill, class and speed. Jessica has been in top form across this year with some impressive wins internationally. And after 5 years away came back with a dominant performance here at Mullingar International Show. It was a lovely moment to see her with Mummy Burke and the trophy afterwards.

Some more standout combinations and wins across the weekend included Ruby Kelly & Killoran Bob dominating the 128 Metre Master Speed with impressive speed and agility. Sven Hadley clinched the Mullingar International 1.25 Jump Off, narrowly beating out Robert Harrison in second and Ciara Fives in third. Conor Brennan delivered a brilliant performance in the 125 Pony Class Speed on Coolcronan Liberty.

The Puissance was simply scintillating… the crowd was buzzing; it was electric… The Puissance on Sunday Night was an RDS qualifier and a standout event, with Sean Monaghan and Babou Derick clearing the wall in an exhilarating five-round competition, being the only pair to achieve this feat beating Brendan Murphy after they got down to the final two.

More Wins on Monday

The Mullingar International Show concluded on a high note on Monday with a series of spectacular performances. Lee Carey and Kan Cruise delivered a brilliant performance to win the 1.35 Jump Off. In the 1.25 Pony Masters Final, James Derwin and Rincoola Babog proved to be an unbeatable duo. Jamie Hargaden and Geron RS claimed victory in the 1.20 Midland Classic Championships, showcasing their exceptional skill. The highlight of the day was Eoin Brennan and Eskola M winning the Mullingar Grand Prix as part of the Plusvital Premier Series, capping off an unforgettable weekend of showjumping excellence.

The atmosphere was different, and it wasn’t the sun!

Riders and spectators alike were treated to an electric atmosphere throughout the weekend. The energy was palpable, with the excitement building into the weekend to a fever pitch on Saturday night. The Saturday Night was a lot of fun. There was sore heads on Sunday. It really was community centric show and Saturday night people “let their hair down’… from talking to showjumpers and spectators it is fast becoming one of these really anticipated social gatherings in the calendar year, where showjumping fans, competitors, owners, sponsors and staff come together for an evening of chats, fun, dancing, and singing with just a few light beverages.

Celebrating Excellence

The Mullingar International Show not only highlighted the exceptional talent in the arena but also underscored the importance of community and support in the world of showjumping. The incredible role of sponsors played a crucial role in the event’s success as highlighted by Robert and Pat making sure we took time to interview and chat with sponsors. Their contributions ensure the continued growth and excellence of this incredible international show. We loved the sponsors wall, such a great idea.

The Mullingar International Show we realise after this weekend is more than just an event; it’s a huge highlight of the showjumping calendar, bringing together the best talent of riders and horses, some incredible combinations and creating memories that will last a lifetime. The social side is a key part and from listening to competitors and spectators alike, they appreciate the show for what it is. With its impeccable organisation, top-class surfaces and facilities, and brilliant leadership, it is a jewel in the crown of Irish showjumping.


Mullingar International: Showcasing Showjumping’s Finest

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