Results of the Youngster Tour Grand Finals.

This is the third Youngster Tour Grand Final & it did not disappoint! 

This show is a culmination of almost 20 shows, nationwide in Ireland, over the summer months & the horses that made the trip to the Meadows Equestrian Centre in Lurgan, NI, were a credit to their Irish breeders, owners & riders. 

There was almost €22,000 in Prize Money, 4 fabulous Perpetual Trophies, €15000 in Gifts & a huge selection of rugs & rosettes on offer. 

The show ran for 4 days at the Meadows Equestrian Centre, 25th-28th August. Day 1 & 2 were qualifiers & then proceeded to the Grand Finals on Saturday for the 4 Year Olds. On Sunday morning the 8 Year Olds, 6 & 7 Year Olds Grand Finals run off & in the afternoon we had the premium class of the Show, the 5 Year Old Horse Sport Ireland & Jim Derwin Equestrian Grand Final. 

The 8+ & 6 & 7 Year Old classes were so competitive. Speed & accuracy over Aaron McCusker’s open flowing courses gave the crowds something to cheer about. 

The 4 & 5 Year Old Classes are Double Clear Round Jumping Classes, all the horses had to be clear in their qualifiers to make it to the Grand Finals. These Finals are a test of carefulness, stamina of the horses & accuracy of the riders. The 2 Grand Final Courses were very fair & allowed all to see the class & potential of all the horses & riders.

There were 9 Winners in the 4 Yr Olds & 13 Winners in the 5 Year Olds.

The Youngster Tour is delighted to say that the 2022 Grand Finals were a success, super competitive, owners & breeders enjoyed the show, the list of loyal sponsors returned & added some new supporters, this cements the Tour’s future.

With substantial Prize Money & Gifts on offer, it is a huge giveback to the grassroots producers, owners & breeders, they get recognition for their work for the Industry. So many smaller producers get a platform to market their horses & there were many enquiries from customers that tuned in on the Live Stream, sponsored by HSI. 

The Tour also gives the Pro-Ams a chance to get involved in young horse classes at an attainable level. They have embraced the concept, see it as a chance to jump in the Main Arena at shows & now consider the Tour as their Grand Prix day. These owners have come out again this year with some fantastic horses & have been in the Winners Line ups in all the Youngster Tour Finals.

The Youngster Tour Ireland now looks forward to 2023 & rolling out all the new plans for all the Tours.


4 Yr €5000 Old Grand Final, sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland, TR Sport Horses & Cork Hill Stud.

( + €1000 Breeders Grant €1000 + €1000 Young Rider Producers Bursary)

All Double Clears divide the Prize Fund


1. Tara Dunne – Ballyduggan Lady x Condios, owned by Tara Dunne

1. Daryl Somerville – Ballynanny 1 x Ars Vivendi, owned by Daryl Somerville

1. Cathal James Donnelly – Cream of Guinness – x Guinness -owned by Cathal James Donnelly

1. Gareth Nethercote – Donatello  x Beach Ball – owned by Gareth Nethercote

1. Stephen Grieve – Greenhall Gold Dust x Dignified Van’t Zorgleit – owned by Stephen Grieve

1. Ryan O’Neill – Harristown Flemenco  x Je T’aime Flamenco – Thomas Hearne

1. Stephen Grieve – Killadeas Cruise with Diamonds x Luidam – Stephen Grieve

1. Mary McShane – OB The Hokey x OBOS Quality 007 – Mary McShane

1. Cathryn Hutchinson – SVS Zinno x Dino W – Brian Hutchinson


The Kennedy Equine Centre Trophy – for the horse with the Star Potential, judged by Norman Allen – Cream of Guinness owned & ridden by Cathal James Donnelly.

The Most Stylish & Effective Lady Rider – Bursary to Nicola Fitzgibbon & Rug from Team KEC Style  – Daryl Somerville

The Young Rider Prize – Bursary to Paul Beecher – Daryl Somerville

HSI Young Rider Producers Bursary €1000 – Daryl Somerville

Breeders Prize – Stud Voucher from Stone Hall Stud – Declan Ryan, breeder of Ballyduggan Lady


8 Yr Olds + €3000 Trelawny Farm Grand Final

The Barry Cup’ Perpetual Trophy to the winner.

1. Matthew Conlon – Creevagh Imp 11, owned by Marble Arch Ltd

2. Victoria Golden – Sea Point, owned by Victoria.

3. Feaha Moore – Ogue Furist Al, owned by Peter Connolly

4. Barry Griffin – SBH Diamond in the Rough – Owned by Barry Griffin

5. Ellen Hughes – Luxey – owned by ellen Hughes

6. JP McGranaghan – KEC Harrison – owned by JP Mc Granaghan

7. Darryl Walker – MHS Elastic – owned by Darryl Walker


Leading Young Rider Bursary to Barry O’Connor – Matthew Conlon

Leading Lady Prize – Rug & Gifts from Tucci Ireland – Victoria Golden

6 & 7 Yr Old Noble Stallions €2000 Grand Final

Perpetual Trophy from the Youngster Tour Ireland

1. Louise Craig – Cherry Wine – owned by Louise Craig

2. Paul Mcdermott – Phyllair Clover – owned by Seamus Carew

3.  Charlotte Harding – RJC Second Bet – Rachelle Harding

4. Ryan O’Neill – Rockdrum Touche – owned by Damien Carry

5. Hannah Blakely – Lougherne Kingfisher – Jane Allen-Collins

6. Georgie Lynch – Lough Scur Lux – owned by Declan Lynch

7. Katie Conlon – Cove Bullet – Marble Arch Equine Ltd

8. Feaha Moore – Kannan Diamonatee – Tom McGurk

Leading Lady sponsored by Team KEC Style – Louise Craig 

Leading Young Rider Prize – Training Bursary at Ballypatrick Stud

Leading Junior sponsored by – Georgie Lynch

5 Yr Old Grand Final – €6000,

Sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland & Jim Derwin Equestrian.

(+ €1000 Breeders Grant €1000 + €1000 Young Rider Producers Bursary)

+ The Jim Derwin Equestrian Perpetual Trophy

All Double Clears divide the Prize Fund

13 Winners

1. Feaha Moore – Berlin Lad x KEC Maximum Joe- Feaha Moore 

1. Rachel Brown – Broka Blue x Chaccon Blue – Rachel Brown

1. Hannah Patterson – Derena Picture This x Zirocco Blue – Hannah Patterson

1. Nicola Fitzgibbon – Gracefield Apollo x Luidam – Nicola Fitzgibbon

1. Connor Harris – HSC Battlecry x Hector van D’abdijhove – Heather Crawford

1. JP McGranaghan – Killeenan Ted x Tyson – JP McGranaghan

1. Alana Roulston – Lammy Clorisma x Carisma – Norman Watt & Olivia Roulston

1. Savannah Marshall – Lemonade x Andiamo de Semilly – Harry Marshall

1. Barry McCormack – Louisland x Cavalier Land – Grace Comyn

1. Barry McCormack – Ludo’s Promise x Hoeks Ludo W – Michelle McElhatton

1. Charlenee Clingan – Lurox x Luidam – Charlenee Clingan

1. Charlotte Harding – Rathcashel Beach x Beach Ball – Yasmin Graham

1. Olivia Roulston -Sydney PMD x Quidam Junior – Aisling Doherty


The Jim Derwin Equestrian Perpetual Trophy, for the horse judged by Norman Allen to have the Star Potential – Berlin Lad – owned & ridden by Feaha Moore.

The Most & Effective Stylish Lady Prize – ‘The Karlswood Experience’ & rug from Team KEC Style – Rachel Brown

The Young Rider Prize – Training Bursary with Ger O’Neill – Alana Roulston

Junior Rider Prize – from Pony – Connor Harris

Breeders Prizes – 1. Stud Voucher from Hadley Sport Horses – Patrick O’Dea, breeder of  Sydney PDM

2. Stud Voucher from Huntingdale Farm – Heather Crawford, breeder of HSC Battlecry

The Amateur Prize – Training Bursary from Mullins Sport Horses- Louise Craig  

HSI €1000 Young Producers Bursary – Divided between – Conor Harris, Alana Roulston. Charlotte Harding

Draw for the Samsung 54″ Smart TV sponsored by Janet Roulston – Aimee Walshe

All Best Turned Out Prizes– Gud Gut Supplements.

Draws during the Show for Cu-Chulainn Bits, Gifts from Janni Bars, Horse First, Pony

Rugs from: Kingsland Equestrian & Paddock-Sports.

All photos are from Tori O’Connor


Results of the Youngster Tour Grand Finals.

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