The Guilt

“It’s a wasted emotion” someone said to me during a conversation once. I double backed. What did they mean by that? 

How many emotions do we have and how can we differentiate that one is more important than the other, can one be wasted. Do we have that control?. 

‘GUILT’ Is an unhappy feeling you have when you think you have done something wrong. Guilt is feelings of deserving blame or inadequacy.  

Some common causes of guilt include surviving trauma, disaster, or conflict between personal values and choices you’ve made. 

I’m sure everyone who reads this story has felt some sort of guilt. Weather it be from eating that 5th chocolate when we said we would only have one. Or if we said we would meet a friend and cancelled late because we didn’t have the energy to pretend to be happy. 

  • But the thing is, guilt is important. It helps us correct our past mistakes and prevent wrongdoing in the future. Guilt impairs your ability to learn from your experiences. So I’m sure by now you’re nodding your head saying, ‘yes I’ve felt guilt’. I sure as hell know I have when I didn’t go ride my horse if I had time but no energy. If the house and family priorities took over and the horse got put to the side. Yes, a lot of us have felt that type of guilt. 
  • NOW, how do you speak to yourself when you get this feeling? Are you kind, forgiving and loving? Or do you beat yourself up about it for a week until you actually manage to get on that horse again? Notice how you treat yourself. Would you talk to a friend like that if they couldn’t ride, no! You would say” that’s ok, there’s always tomorrow, or don’t worry you need to rest today, the horse will be there for you again when you are ready and recharged. 
  • Horses don’t care if they are ridden or not. If they get an extra day in the field or a few days off. They live for now. They just hope their next meal is coming on time (as far as my gelding Is concerned anyway) 🤭. 
  • So guilt does have its uses, it helps us learn for the future. It means we can create a better plan with more realistic expectations and goals for both the horse and ourselves.  
  • The next time you feel guilt, go easy on yourself. Maybe it’s a learning curve. 

How not to do something. Learn how to arrange it better the next time. Change your habits and see what works. After all life is trial and error. We learn from our mistakes and that’s what creates greatness.. 🤗



The Guilt

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