Trial and Error

Just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean it should always BE done that way. (SG)

“Ah just wing it, everyone else is “. A wise man once said. Ah no not really, it was just some random person I met at a show and got into conversation with.  


Are we all just winging it? Does anyone actually know what the hell they are doing or is it all set by chance and luck? Is it just handed to Some lucky people or Is it when the stars align, or if you manifest enough, your life will fall into place and you will be happy. Or maybe we have to work really really hard for what we have. 


I don’t think we can ever have enough experience at anything we do. Life is for living, yes, but as important is learning. That’s how we make change. And for this to happen we have to be open to new things. Listen. How many times can you actually say when you meet someone new that you take in every word they say. Are you just waiting for the chance to jump in and say your piece, tell your opinion, thinking of the next line of words you’re going to say to respond to the person you’re talking to. Or are you learning from them and responding to what they actually said?


With horses I found that I’m always learning new things , listening to people far and wide . Old and young. I love listening to the stories of when horses worked on a farm and went hunting the same day. Those horses were never bold or fresh. Because they were tired after all the work they did all week. Makes sense when I leave my horse off for 3 days then come ride him for 40 mins and he tries every trick in the book to get out of learning what I’m trying to teach him. That doesn’t work. 

The first time I backed a horse 24 years ago (oops showing my age now 🙈) is a lot different to the way I do it now. I’ve learned how to help the horse be comfortable in his own body and use it to his advantage, different tack, listen to the horse, give him time where he needs it. And I myself have learned a lot about the nervous system and how it functions. It was as important for me to learn about my own nervous system as it is to learn about the way of going of a horse. As they say ” The horse is a mirror to your soul “. And I understand this ok truly.  

I think it’s a vital trait to have, to be OPEN AND WILLING TO LEARN. Traditions passed on through generations of breaking horses. I have seen some families stick to this and not budge out of the process of a certain way of breaking a horse and things go wrong and a horse is deemed a ‘bad one’. Some of those people are stuck in their ways and think they know it all. Their way or the highway. The horse must conform to what they have taught them. “Well, this is the way we have done it for years and it’s always worked for me so why not now” I’ve heard someone say once. 


But horses are all different. We don’t treat everyone the same, do we? Horses’ brains work differently, and as a result need help to receive the message in a certain way. Some need 3 days to take something in, some only need 2 hours. Some get it straight away. I believe it’s the same in humans. 😁


So if we come across a problem, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help

 Research a problem, see if you can learn to sort it or you need more professional help. We are not supposed to know it all when we are born. We all have to have our firsts, and sometimes they can be very exciting. Mistakes are vital for learning. Don’t be hard on yourself, learn to forgive and be kind. Try everything, start saying yes, see how your life changes. Do what works for you and your horse, there is no rule book…

After all, it is trial and error. That’s how history happens. 


Trial and Error

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