A Rescue Horse – what are they really?  Well – that depends who you ask!

Recently at a show, as I watched all the rescue horses and ponies – including my own two, I just got to thinking as to what incredible creatures they are. Through hard work, love and time, these “throwaway horses” come out the other side.

A rescue horse… the words usually conjure up words like unwanted. Not good enough. Useless. Discarded. Unloved. Unimportant. And I guess to anyone who can do this to a living, breathing creature, who can knowingly watch them suffer, starve, live in pain and hurt, using these animals in ways of heinous entertainment or for gain, these words mean nothing. 

Now I’ll use a different set of words – words to describe anyone who can treat an innocent animal in this way and I won’t be in the least bit apologetic for it – I will also, for the purpose of this article, censor my words… “scumbag. Cold-Blooded. Dangerous. Piece of sh!t”.  

Throughout my life, of loving animals, of delving into the animal rescue world and then becoming the mum of two rescue ponies, I just cannot understand how anyone can do this to an animal. Again, Ill use the word INNOCENT. I wonder how someone can knowingly watch an animal suffer, voiceless, helpless, the fear radiating from their eyes. I wonder what types of people walk among us every day. Sometimes, I can’t help but look at people and wonder if they are one of these soulless people.

Back to the show – I watched – and I saw myself in all these proud owners of rescue animals. I watched the equally proud animal rescue volunteers watch on – most likely remembering how these horses came into their care, the tribulations they went through and I wonder how they feel – knowing that they are not just responsible for saving this animal’s life – but for providing so many owners with unending love and joy.

As I type this – I cannot help but cry.. and anyone who knows me, knows I’m not the emotional type – but when I think of my two – Peanut and Pixie and the absolute unending love they give me – the way they make me feel when they neigh and run to greet me at the gate. They way my heart melts when they rest their little muzzles on my shoulder, or in my lap  – knowing that no one will ever hurt them, or how they will never know hunger, fear or being alone – overwhelms me. I also know that anyone reading this, who has a rescue horse, will 100% resonate with me. It just hits differently when you see your four-legged pride and joy – just live a happy normal fear free life. When you close the stable door to the sound of them chomping on hay, knowing they will sleep on a comfortable bed with a full belly.

This article is a shout out to every single rescue centre that has, and continue to help these animals…THANK YOU. This is a well done to everyone who adopts and fosters these animals, welcoming them into their homes and often working through tough times when old fears arise. But most of all this is a recognition to every single rescue horse and pony. A tribute even – to these incredible animals who through the worst of situations, can willingly place their trust and love in the human race, who were the ones that originally put them In these awful scenarios.

This is Peanut with only one of the incredible volunteers at Cobh Rescue Horses – Tara Murphy. I believe that Peanut knows she was one of the people that helped her and even though I know Tara will kill me when she sees this – ah well – sorry, but you’re amazing – as are all not only CRH volunteers and every other person in animal welfare who continue to help ALL the animals 😊.  


A Rescue Horse – what are they really?  Well – that depends who you ask!

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