ARKequine Announced as Gold Sponsor for Season 1 of The Grassroots Rider Academy

The Grassroots Gazette, a pioneering name in equine media, is thrilled to announce the strategic collaboration with ARKequine as a Gold sponsor for Season 1 of The Grassroots Rider Academy. This partnership marks a significant milestone in revolutionising equine education and underscores ARKequine’s commitment to nurturing emerging talents within the equestrian community and supporting riders at all levels of the industry.

ARKequine’s dedication to innovation, excellence and challenging the status quo aligns seamlessly with the ethos of The Grassroots Rider Academy. As Gold sponsors, ARKequine demonstrates its unwavering support for reshaping how educational content is delivered to riders of all levels, championing accelerated learning, skill development and personal growth for grassroots riders.

“ARKequine is proud to support the inaugural running of The Grassroots Rider Academy as Gold sponsors,” stated Kirsty McCann, MD of ARKequine. “We have followed Grassroots Gazette’s journey and how they are rethinking equine media not only in Ireland but abroad, and we are happy to lend our support to this great initiative. At ARKequine, we are passionate about imparting knowledge and expertise with our clients, and these values reflect the ethos of The Grassroots Rider Academy.” Kirsty continued “Shane and his team have put together an absolute powerhouse team of trainers and mentors and we look forward to watching the finalists Amy, Niamh, Claire, Megan and Chloe progress throughout the series”.

The Grassroots Rider Academy, conceptualised by the dynamic team at The Grassroots Gazette and Equitas, is set to redefine the landscape of rider education. With a carefully curated team of trainers and mentors, the academy presents a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in a bootcamp-style learning environment, guided by world-class coaches.

Shane McCarthy, CEO of The Grassroots Gazette and Equitas, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “We are incredibly proud to have an pioneering brand like ARKequine being a gold sponsor of this groundbreaking series. Kirsty, Richard, and the team at ARKequine challenge the status quo, they push the industry forward, and that is what this series is about. Evolving the industry and inspiring the next generation of grassroots riders, opening up pathways for riders to be trained by world-class coaches to enable them to reach their full potential by improving mindset, habits and behaviours.”

The Grassroots Rider Academy’s innovative approach to education aligns perfectly with ARKequine’s commitment to being change makers and pushing boundaries. By bringing together education mindset and hand-on learning, this collaboration will elevate the rider’s journey and contribute to the advancement of the equine industry as a whole.

The first season of The Grassroots Rider Academy is poised to make a lasting impact, captivating equestrian enthusiasts worldwide with its dedication to education and skill enhancement.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of The Grassroots Rider Academy being released in October, where viewers will witness the remarkable journey of these aspiring riders and gain insights that can inspire riders of all levels to strive for excellence.

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ARKequine Announced as Gold Sponsor for Season 1 of The Grassroots Rider Academy

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