Anna Fee

Start right, Stay Sound

Reduction in exercise or leaving horses off VS active rest  Horses like people suffer from burnout, both mentally and physically. Their age, physical maturity, training

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Anna Suess

Horse shit and nappies

And from one moment to another everything changed. I had to take care and think about the safety of two people from now on. It

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Nina Reinbold Molloy

My horse, My Therapist

The history of Equine Assisted Therapy goes back as far as the ancient Greeks, where physician Hippocrates wrote about the therapeutic potential of horseback riding.

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Shannen Buggy

Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation

Welcome to my first article for The Grassroots’ Gazette. I have chosen Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation for my first-choice article, as this is something I

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Jen Keavey

Find Your Tribe

I make no bones about being an amateur rider who has a horse for pleasure and company. I don’t compete, and to fulfill his side

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