More and more horse owners feed their horses or ponies loose herbs or herb mixes. Herbs nowadays no longer just belong to wizards, witches, druids and herbal women, the use of herbs is super hip and healthy! One herbal mix a day, keeps the vet away!

First some explanation about herbs …

Herbs are not only tasty, but can also contribute to a huge improvement in your horse`s health … Dried or fresh herbs, for example, can strengthen the immune system, support digestion and help remove waste. Herbs contain, among other things, vitamins and minerals. Much more than in grass, because herbs grow more slowly and root deeper and therefore extract more nutrients from the soil. Herbs also add much needed variation to the ration.

Both fresh and dried herbs are eaten by horses. However, fresh herbs are not available all year round, especially during winter time. In this case, dried herbs are an option.

Why should I give herbs to my horse?

In addition to grazers, horses are also collectors and their natural ration consists of various types of grass from plants (herbs), shrubs, leaves, branches, tree bark, roots, vegetables and much more.

In the past the horse had a choice of more than 60 different types of plants/herbs. All of this green contains many different ingredients and/or nutrients that a horse needs at certain times to stay healthy.

This can be different every day, month, season due to all the constantly changing factors such as condition, weather, viruses, aging or just growing, degree of training, but also whether you are a gelding, mare or stallion and if they are a thoroughbred or a sober breed.

We are realizing more and more that the way we feed the horse has little to no variation and that means that the individual needs of the horse are not met, and physical and mental problems arise. The horse can no longer look for what it actually needs, as it would have done in nature. By offering different herbs, the horse can meet its own needs again.

Herbs can keep your horse healthy!

You can use herbs to supplement the vitamins and minerals in your horse’s ration and thus guarantee health. Herbs also have a very wide spectrum of functions and can support and help the horse in several ways when it has a problem.

Herbs can help & support with:

  • The functions of the liver, kidneys and spleen
  • Digestion, stomach, intestines, colic, diarrhea
  • Skin, hooves, coat, sweet itch, mud fever
  • Detoxing, diuretic, lymph flow, removing waste, deacidifying
  • Joint problems, muscle problems, pain relief, osteoarthritis
  • Cushing (PPID), lame, insulin resistance, PSSM
  • Mental problems, stress, tension, to calm down

If you want to change something in your current feed management, consider using herbs instead of (extra) concentrates, muesli or a supplement. Also, don’t wait until your horse actually has a problem and you have to solve it. Give herbs to ensure health and to prevent diseases or problems.

@ The Horse Therapist we put together custom made herbal mixes. One that suits your horse best. Because every horse is unique and has its own needs.

Let’s bring nature back to our horse’s diet!

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