Two Day Western Inspired Horsemanship Clinic with Marilyn Randall

This weekend (May 20th -21st), equestrian enthusiasts from all disciplines are in for a treat as the renowned AQHA professional, Marilyn Randall, graces the Drumcoura Equestrian Center to conduct a two-day clinic. With day one focusing on groundwork and day two dedicated to riding, this clinic offers a unique opportunity for participants to enhance their skills, regardless of their preferred riding style. Groundwork and Western-inspired horsemanship provide invaluable benefits to all riders and horses, making the Marilyn Randall Clinic a must-attend event for Mainstream and Western riders alike.

Groundwork serves as the foundation for establishing a deep and meaningful connection between horse and rider. By emphasizing communication, respect, and trust, groundwork paves the way for a harmonious partnership. Regardless of the discipline, groundwork cultivates a horse’s willingness to yield, respond to cues, and maintain focus. Through exercises such as lunging, long-lining, and liberty work, riders gain a deeper understanding of their horse’s body language and develop refined communication skills. Attending day one of the clinic will provide mainstream and Western riders with a solid grounding in this fundamental aspect of horsemanship, allowing them to refine their techniques and enhance their overall performance.

The principles of Western-inspired horsemanship extend far beyond the confines of Western riding. This approach focuses on clear communication, lightness, and precision, making it invaluable for riders of all disciplines. By attending the Marilyn Randall Clinic, mainstream riders can learn how to incorporate elements of Western horsemanship into their training routines, thereby strengthening their partnership with their horse and improving their performance in areas such as dressage, show jumping, or eventing. Western riders, on the other hand, will benefit from refining their existing skills and deepening their understanding of the underlying principles that govern their discipline.

Mainstream riders attending the clinic will gain valuable insights into how Western horsemanship techniques can enhance their riding skills. By incorporating aspects such as lateral flexion, collection, and softness into their training,  riders will witness a notable improvement in their horse’s balance, suppleness, and responsiveness. The refined communication skills acquired through groundwork will aid in developing a greater level of precision in disciplines such as dressage, where subtle cues are of utmost importance. The Marilyn Randall Clinic provides an exceptional platform for mainstream riders to explore new techniques and expand their horizons.

For Western riders, attending the Marilyn Randall Clinic represents an opportunity to deepen their understanding of their chosen discipline. With Marilyn’s wealth of experience and expertise, participants can refine their techniques, fine-tune their cues, and explore advanced maneuvers. By focusing on the subtleties of communication, riders will learn how to create a seamless connection with their horse, resulting in greater precision, responsiveness, and overall performance. Western riders attending the clinic will undoubtedly walk away with new tools and perspectives to elevate their horsemanship to new heights.

About Marilyn Randall:
Marilyn Randall is a highly accomplished professional in the world of equestrianism. With extensive experience in AQHA events and Western riding disciplines, Marilyn has dedicated her life to the pursuit of excellence in horsemanship. Her expertise lies not only in western riding but also in the ability to bridge the gap between disciplines, recognizing the universal principles that govern horsemanship. As a renowned clinician, Marilyn is known for her patient and compassionate teaching style, emphasizing clear communication, mutual respect, and the pursuit of harmony between horse and rider. Through her guidance, riders from all backgrounds have achieved remarkable success and transformed their horsemanship journeys.

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Two Day Western Inspired Horsemanship Clinic with Marilyn Randall

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