Part 3 Horse Rider Injuries: Do you really need a coach?

Think about it this way, In order to help your horse get better at something you practice.

You know it will take time and you keep doing it over and over until the horse starts to get the hang of what you want.

You may even get the help of a coach who can tell you if you are giving the horse the correct aids to do what is asked of them.

You don’t expect it to happen overnight, how can you? The horse hasn’t done this before.

It needs to learn and understand what its job is.

Now, what happens when it comes to you?

Do you have that same patience, or do you get annoyed when it doesn’t happen straight away?

Do you get mad that it hasn’t happened as quickly as you want?

Do you flit from one thing to the next never staying on it long enough to actually see a change?

Have you ever hired a coach to help yourself?

We need to employ the same tactics in our training as with our horses.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, get stronger or rehabbing an injury.

Just like teaching a horse new aids, we are doing the same with our own bodies.

It’s new and it takes time.

Nothing worth having happened overnight and it makes it all the sweeter when we reach that goal that we’ve been working for so long.

If you have been struggling to reach a fitness goal maybe it’s time to look into hiring a coach. Someone who can help you separate the forest from the trees so you can finally reach that goal.

This is exactly why I created my “Strong in the saddle” programme. This is a fitness programme specifically for Equestrians who are looking to improve their riding position, rehab injuries and feel stronger and more confident, both in and out of the saddle.

 So what actually happens when you sign up for my “Strong in the Saddle Programme”?

Firstly, we have a zoom call to talk about where you currently are and where you want to be and then I design a programme to fit your needs. 

This includes fitting into your schedule, working around any possible injuries and also what available equipment that you have.

Over 8 weeks we will work through this programme aiming to add a little more each week but also checking in and changing any exercises that you may feel aren’t working for you 

Many of you have probably done gym classes over the years where you bounce around for 30-45 mins and leave the gym a sweaty mess, and there is nothing wrong with these workouts but how do you know whether you are progressing?

This is why when you do my programme we will be doing the same workouts over the course of 8 weeks so we can track our progress.

We have weekly check-ins throughout the process but I will always be on hand to help you in between those check-ins.

I am here to support you through the whole process, think of me as your cheerleader, I will help you master the exercises even when you didn’t think you could. I’ll be here to reassure you if you are having a bad week (whether that be training-wise or with your horse)

I’m not here to judge you or berate you for missing a workout, I’m here to help you stay consistent and advocate for you when you can’t do it for yourself.

Yes, you can just join and gym or do some classes but has that really worked for you before? Maybe it’s time to try something new. Do for you what you would do for your horse.


Part 3 Horse Rider Injuries: Do you really need a coach?

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