Product Review for Bluegrass Horse Feeds “Stamm 30 balancer”

When a product boasts that it is designed for Weanlings, Yearlings, Gestating and Lactating Mares, Stallions, Performance Horses, Race Horses, Seniors, Fizzy Horses and Laminitis Sufferers – if you’re anything like me – you’re feeling a bit like…. Uh – ok…. How can something that can benefit a tubby little Shetland also do same for a race horse? BUT – I am now one bag through of the Stamm 30 in my ongoing review and I have to say – this balancer is undeniably incredible.

Like many mini owners, my sleepless nights revolve around are they getting enough food- are they not getting enough food? But if I give them more, what if they get laminitis? Or too fat? Finding a healthy balance between ensuring my ponies stay healthy, without starving them is the one thing I hate about being a mini mum!

Depriving them of certain foods can of course keep the weight off, but it also then can deter them from getting their required vitamins and minerals – which can do its own damage, so when I got the opportunity to try the Stamm 30 balancer, I jumped at the chance. From then talking to their nutritional adviser, I started to realise that adding this to their diet could really benefit them internally whilst not contributing to weight gain, but also helping in my fight against laminitis.

To say this balancer agreed with my ponies has been an understatement. They are glowing from the inside out. Their coats are healthier and glossier even though they’re moulting. Droppings have “tidied up” – Pixie’s have become better bound together and Peanut, who was occasionally prone to wet sloppy droppings, are now the poo picture of perfection. Both ponies go literally insane for their feed! Prior to Bluegrass, I was feeding another brand, which whilst they ate it, Pixie would often leave until later, but now, she is nearly climbing into the feed chest to get at it. I give both ponies a generous half size feed cup of the balancer, along with their hemp supplement and they live for dinner time now! I have completely cut out the other feed brand and will just continue to remain feeding Stamm. 

Very shortly after I started feeding them the balancer, not only I, but my farrier saw a vast improvement in Peanut’s hooves. They were quite soft soled previously, often causing her to feel discomfort on stones or hard ground – but now she’s back flying around her paddock like she’s in training for a big race. This is a huge relief to me as I was contemplating using the hoof boots I use on them for road work, to be something I’d have to put on her for turn out also – but not anymore!

Even though both ponies had access to salt licks and mineral blocks, they would continue to seek minerals or something, through licking the earth, or nibbling on tree barks. Again, after a short space of time of them being on the balancer, this behaviour completely stopped. 

The Stamm 30 has not added to the weight in any way – in fact with Peanut, it has given her the ability to move more in her paddock when the ground is hard – so if anything she has never been so toned!

To anyone looking for an amazing balancer, I would recommend this – but as an over worrisome mini owner – I honestly, hand on heart, cannot give this a high enough review rating for what it’s done for my girls. Although Bluegrass are sponsoring the feeding for the minis this year – I will without question, continue to purchase and use it for the duration of their lives. 

As with all supplements and feed – I can only give an honest review of my findings, but from speaking to other Bluegrass users, they all give it a glowing review too and it turns out – it’s the top pick for a number of mini owners already!


Product Review for Bluegrass Horse Feeds “Stamm 30 balancer”

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