The Mullingar International Show: What a Show it was!!!

The Mullingar International Show once again highlighted its importance in the equestrian calendar, drawing over 1,000 horses daily and showcasing Ireland’s top showjumping talent. I wanted to write this piece as someone attending the show for the first time and to be fair, even meeting some of the people involved for the first time. It was a simply brilliant show, and we felt really welcome Mullingar.

The vibrant energy and spirit of the Mullingar International Show were palpable. A real testament to the hard work and vision of Robert Fagan, Sarah Jane, and the entire Fagan family. Their dedication over years and years has turned Mullingar into a cornerstone of the showjumping community.

It was our first time attending, and it did not disappoint. It was relentless, and it was brilliant. A quote I use a lot is “The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” – that is what this show was and by all accounts continues to be.

Outstanding Arenas and Facilities

Competitors and spectators were consistently chatting about the top-tier facilities at Mullingar and a big talking point was…. “The quality of the arenas and surfaces at Mullingar is second to none,” as one rider remarked, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail in maintaining the grounds. These top-class conditions provide the perfect stage for both horses and riders, underscoring the Fagan family’s commitment to always improving. We had chatted with Robert maybe 2 weeks before the show when we called up to visit. We could hear the enthusiasm and bought into his vision. Always striving to add to the show, to make it bigger and better. You need people with vision in charge and Robert Fagan certainly has that in spades.

Nurturing the Next Generation

A key feature of the Mullingar International Show is its dedication to fostering young talent and the platform it gives The N3xt Generation. The show offers categories for all ages and experience levels, giving young riders the invaluable experience of competing on an international stage here at home which is so important for their progression and development. This inclusivity is vital for the sport’s growth, ensuring that future stars have the opportunity to shine and a pathway to gain the necessary experience. Again, Mullingar International delivers this… One experienced competitor noted, “For young riders, seeing top competitors in action is invaluable, they’ll learn so much across the weekend” underscoring the show’s role in developing future champions and elite athletes to represent Ireland.

A Celebration of Community Spirit – The buzz was electric.

Mullingar is more than just a competition; it really a celebration of family and community. The event brings together fans, competitors, owners, sponsors, and staff, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. Reflecting on the event, Jessica Burke said, “The support system in Ireland is one of the best in the world. Being part of this community and supporting it, I think, is important.”

For us, to see world class showjumpers running around after their kids and cheering them on. Sometimes competing in the same arena hours earlier or later. It was surreal in so many ways. The energy was savage all weekend.

Content is King or maybe Content is Queen:

To see all the content producers there… and there was a lot including ourselves, chatting and engaging with each other, we loved the buzz. Haven’t seen that at an event or show before. And so we’re clear, there was some cracking content producers there… Emma and her Epic Marketing did some job on Mullingars socials…. Sweet Socials nailed content for people like Jim Derwin Equestrian, Aisling.Creative shot savage stuff for Jessica Burke… the list goes on!!

Showjumping has some tasty content producers with a real eye for video, I think personally some of the other disciplines should be following lead. They are absolutely nailing in it Showjumping when it comes to what I call Instant Interaction Content. Content that engages immediately.

We’ll probably do a follow-up piece on the content, some of the content producers and why that content resonates with audiences in the next couple of weeks.

Let’s Talk about Saturday Night in Mullingar

Saturday night’s social gathering is rapidly becoming a beloved tradition, where everyone can connect and celebrate as a community. We saw the videos and chatted with everyone Sunday morning. It was a ton of fun, the band even had to delay starting for a while as people queued to get “hydrated”. The Saturday night as everyone there told us is a cracking night where people get to chat, dance, let the hair down and have some fun.

Visionary Leadership and Commitment

The success of the Mullingar International Show is a testament to the vision and leadership of Robert Fagan, Pat McCartan, and a dedicated support team. From the guy arranging parking for us, to Sarah Jane always on her feet working and chatting with people to the staff maintaining the arenas… what a team and crew they have. It seemed flawless for the better part.

Their commitment to progression and quality is evident in every aspect of the event, from the pristine arenas to the seamless organisation. Significant investments in facilities have made Mullingar a premier destination for showjumping. One participant aptly noted, “Great things are built by those with vision and dedication,” capturing the essence of the show’s enduring appeal under Robert’s leadership.

Excellence in Showjumping – we loved every minute of it!!

The Mullingar International Show represents the pinnacle of Irish showjumping. With its exceptional facilities, a really vibrant community, and crystal clear dedication to nurturing young talent, the show sets new benchmarks for excellence each year.

Jessica Burke’s comments encapsulates the energy and community: “It was wonderful to have my mom here today, along with my aunt, uncle, and cousins,” she shared. “Coming back to Mullingar after five years and seeing all the improvements the Fagan family has made is fantastic.” Her words reflect a lot of people’s thoughts on the Mullingar International Show – a place where family, community dedication and excellence converge.

We loved our first Mullingar International Show. Thank you to everyone who came to chat, to get interviewed and for all your kind words. We still have more content to get out today and in the coming days… but what a show it was. It exceeded our expectations on so many levels. This is a jewel in the Showjumping crown… it is an exceptional show ran by incredible people.

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The Mullingar International Show: What a Show it was!!!

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