Grassroots Rider Academy Welcomes World Renowned Coach Geoff Billington to its Coaching Ticket for the new grassroots series!

The equine industry is about to witness a monumental and groundbreaking new chapter in educational and video series for the grassroots community. The Grassroots Rider Academy, a dynamic bootcamp-style training clinic with world-class coaches, is proud to announce the addition of two-time Olympian and nine-time Nations Cup winner, Geoff Billington, to its coaching ticket.

The Grassroots Riders Academy aims to nurture grassroots talent and revolutionise equestrian education with its seven-part educational video series. By combining a supportive environment, fundamental horsemanship skills, competitive techniques, personal development, and media skills, the academy is committed to unlocking the full potential of grassroots riders and propelling them toward success.

Muireann O’Toole Brennan, one of the series organisers and a co-founder of Equitas who are one of brands behind the series, expressed her excitement about the Geoff Billington announcement: “The standard of coaches is never-ending. To add the calibre of Geoff Billington to the group will elevate the Grassroots Riders Academy beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. I grew up watching Geoff, and I can’t wait to see his unique teaching style.”

Geoff Billington, a highly accomplished equestrian, shared his enthusiasm about joining the Grassroots Rider Academy: “I’m really excited to be part of the Grassroots Rider Academy. Every child has a dream, and I have been so lucky that, thanks to showjumping, my dreams came true. I’ve been blessed to have grown up and travelled the world with legends such as John & Michael Whitaker, Nick Skelton, Eddie Macken, and Peter Charles. I hope I can pass some of my knowledge and stories to the Grassroots Rider Academy.”

The lineup of coaches for the Grassroots Rider Academy now includes Lucinda Fredericks, Geoff Billington, Heike Holstein, and Dane Rawlins. The addition of coaches of this calibre demonstrates the worldwide appeal and historic significance of this pioneering series. “We promised world-class coaching, and that is what we delivered,” said Gary Monahan, one of the hosts of the series. Excitingly, there may be one more significant announcement to come!

Shane McCarthy, CEO at The Grassroots Gazette, emphasised the impact of the academy: “The Grassroots Riders Academy has garnered immense support and excitement within the equestrian community, and to be able to get coaches of the calibre of Geoff really shows the worldwide appeal of this pioneering educational series. When I spoke with our teams at Equitas and The Grassroots Gazette, they gave us a list of names and I am delighted that some of those coaches can see the potential and agreed to join the academy series. This is the first of its kind, and we have plans mapped through to season 6. Coaches like Geoff, Lucinda, Dane, and Heike will make this series a truly historic moment for grassroots riders.”

Oonagh O’Brien, one of the hosts of the groundbreaking sub-series for the Grassroots Rider Academy, commended Geoff’s teaching style: “Geoff is relatable and so down to earth, with an amazing sense of humour. His ability to put people at ease allows them to relax and therefore learn more, instead of being stiff and anxious like many of us can be in training sessions.”

Applications for the Grassroots Rider Academy close on Wednesday, July 12th, at 11:59 PM. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative experience.

Winners and reserves will be contacted on Monday, July 17th, and publicly announced on Wednesday, July 19th. For more information and to submit your application, please visit .


Grassroots Rider Academy Welcomes World Renowned Coach Geoff Billington to its Coaching Ticket for the new grassroots series!

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