Interview with Joonas Mononen from!

Who are you? And What do you do?

I’m Joonas Mononen, the head of customer success and support here at 👋 I’ve been around since the beginning of in 2017, and I’m also a co-owner of the company along with four other people. My primary job is to ensure the experience, onboarding, and continuous support with Hopoti are the best possible. Besides that, I’ve been helping with development, marketing and a bunch of other stuff.

Who do you do it for?

Everything we do is for the equine community – the riders, riding schools and other equestrian businesses lacking suitable online tools and tech knowledge to take their business online to 2022.

Describe your business in 1 sentence. is an all-in-one online platform for riding centres – we’ve helped over 200 equestrian businesses worldwide to go fully digital with bookings, payments, horse care, stable management and everything else.

What makes your service/product unique or special? is the world’s only e-commerce platform that brings together the riding businesses and consumers. Its benefits and advantages cannot be achieved with any other service. Businesses offer their services through Hopoti’s unique platform, not only to existing customers, but also to countless new customers. Consumers can easily search and find the horse riding companies they need in one place, and book and pay instantly. is a web pioneer in the equestrian industry and can help any company take their business fully digital overnight.

Why do you do what you do?

Here at want to make horse riding more approachable for the consumers – and that starts by helping out the riding centres. Some of the equine entrepreneurs are very overworked. They don’t have time to serve their customers as they probably want. There are missed phone calls, a massive backlog of emails and an overwhelming rush. That’s unapproachable for new potential customers but also to the employees. And that needs to change.

What are the problems you solve? saves time and trouble for both centres and riders as the daily tasks like bookings, payments, cancellations, and rebookings can be made online as a self-service. Each of our businesses can cut themselves free from emails, calls and unnecessary work – on average, Hopoti saves 20 hours of work each week for the companies. We also streamline riding schools up to date – approachable and compelling, online and at the stables.

What is the mission of your business? 

We want Hopoti to feel like the best employee for your business – available 24/7 and ready to help with everything.

What values are important to your business? 

We have four core values and thoughts with “Make horse riding more approachable” and “ is the best employee of the centre” already presented, but here are two more:

“Superior Customer Service & User Experience”

Working with horses and animals is always emotional, so should be the tool used only in the equine industry. We’ve invested heavily in our customer experience, from marketing to the site’s user interface. Customer support is one of our most outstanding features – it helps businesses and riders via chat and email. Customers have rated us 97% successful, and we serve with under 2 min median response time.

“Tools for better horse wellbeing”

Knowledge is power, and right now equine industry works without that knowledge. Horse medication, treatment, health and training information are essential knowledge, but they’re usually written on paper or not saved at all. provides all necessary tools for tracking horse information, financials, etc. Just by normally using Hopoti, the amount of collected data is enormous. These tools help BI and horse wellbeing the most.

Where does the industry need to change/transform/improve? 

There are many things to change, but the most important one right now is the customer experience. Horse riding is competing against other sports that are much more accessible to beginners and the general public. Many equine businesses don’t have updated websites, clear marketing, digital bookings or easy online payments. With, these businesses can easily take their customer experience to the next level – easily accessible to their current customers and visible on the platform, driving new customers and more sales automatically.

Goals for the next 12-24Months?

More tools for businesses. We’ve already done 30+ update packages, including tons of new features, and our clients will always have the latest version available at no extra charge.

Better online community for riders. The next big update focuses on the rider’s community and their experience at Hopoti – we’re developing a new landing feed about your interests, businesses, horses and friends.

Expansion to new markets. Besides developing our product, we’re looking into launching in many other countries and continents very soon!

Your key message to potential new customers? 

It doesn’t have to be as challenging as it is for many right now, and we really can help you with Hopoti! One of our clients, Toni Lennard from Whitethorn Academy Australia, has summarized this amazingly by saying, “if you don’t have Hopoti and run a substantial riding school business, you’re making it super tough for yourself”.

Your message to the equine community?  

Stay tuned! As said, we’re building up a better online community in for all equestrians, and besides the feed I mentioned earlier, we should have something unique and fascinating news to share with you later this year.


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Brennanstown Riding School

“We started with Hopoti in January 2022 and are really seeing the benefits. For starters, the ability to use the system remotely to manage the business is hugely beneficial. No matter where we are we can instantly see if we have spaces to accept new bookings and deal with queries promptly.

Hopoti has meant we are able to schedule our entire year (or even further) in advance and then share calendars of what’s available so that our customers can manage their own bookings. It gives us clarity of how valuable each horse, instructor and activity are to the business and helps us make better decisions going forward. The key thing to note though is that our revenue is up and our admin has reduced.

There are still things to be improved upon but the team in Hopoti are excellent. Their tech support and how they take on feedback makes us confident that we will be going from strength to strength in the future as a partnership.”

Brian Bloomer, General Manager

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Broadmeadow Equestrian Centre

“Thanks to Hopoti, our business is now very up-to-date, professional-looking, and efficient. Clients love it, and we’ve got new customers through it. On top of that, I’ve also seen actual growth in our revenue since our start in January 2022!

The customer service and support are 10/10. We are still learning to operate and set up things, but the staff are always there to help.

Brian Duff, Director

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Testimonials from Australia

Check from YouTube how our Australian centres and riders tell what they have to say about

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Interview with Joonas Mononen from!

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